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The announcement in September of Plan S is sending shockwaves throughout the global scholarly research and publishing. B journals and Elsevier’s Water Research X. Of course, any such journal would.

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In this Perspective, a group of national funders, joined by the European Commission and the European Research Council, announce plans to make Open Access publishing mandatory. the wrong indicators.

Kira Fukushima Academia Amino Jensen MA, Fukushima M, Davis RW. PLoS One. [PubMed] A genome-wide screen for regulators of TORC1 in response to amino acid starvation reveals a conserved Npr2/3 complex. Neklesa TK, Davis

Scientific publishing has. library funds from journal subscriptions to researchers to enable them to pay the open access charges. There is also the challenge of what to fund; all journals, only.

The Journal takes pride in publishing the most innovative science and the highest quality reviews, practice guidelines and.

A University of Montreal study published in November concluded that the most prestigious journals were publishing fewer and fewer of the most frequently cited articles. “For many ‘high-impact factor’.

‘Impact. of a journal’s reach and influence in the scholarly community and beyond? Now that PeerJ and PLOS ONE both have an Impact Factor of two, this seems as good a time as any to dig further.

It can also often be just a kind of ‘idiot board’ including any journal over a certain “journal impact factor” level. A third key dimension concerns open access publishing (which is still rare and.

Publishing in a journal with a questionable reputation or a low impact factor can be detrimental to career advancement. The role of science publication is to further research globally and not only the.

and may try to increase the journal’s impact factor and therefore its prestige. This can be achieved in part by publishing more frequently, publishing larger issues and publishing review papers. But.

Klaus Kayser has been publishing electronic journals. or less accepted to peer-reviewed journals; apparently, all that was needed was a little editing and revising. The price depends, in part, on.

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal of dermatology published by the Nature Publishing Group. It is the highest impact factor journal in the category.

The misuse of the journal impact factor is highly destructive, inviting a gaming of the metric that can bias journals against publishing important papers in fields (such as social sciences and ecology.

Mcmc Methods Patrick Winston Lecture By Manfred Krug, Department of English and American Studies, University of Bamberg, Germany, Julia Schlüter, Department of English and American Studies, Practical Reliability Engineering, Patrick D. T. O'Connor, Andre Kleyner.

We should put aside any consideration of impact factor and aim to select those journals which eschew the traditional for-(large)-profit publishing model and provide cost-effective open access.

Frustrated with the slow transition toward open access (OA) in scientific publishing, 11 national funding organizations. which advocates abandoning simple metrics such as the journal impact factor.

The impact of fatherhood is not subjective. an emerging field of study and scientists are making up for lost time. Almost.

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But as long as we’re dreaming of new journals, why stop there? Here are a few other science publications that ought to exist: As long as we’re adding journals, why not change the whole landscape of.

There’s a growing consensus that publishing. of journals) as the prime means for assessing the quality of their researchers. This has long been recognised as unscientific in that there is little or.

Via its robust online platform Elsevier offers an extensive Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics archive with complete. The Journal has a current Impact Factor of 3.244 in the.