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Philosophy of Religion. We are an active research group who share ideas and collaborate with colleagues from around the world. We work on a broad range of topics from the nature of religious experience to the logical problem of evil.

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The Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion seeks to meet a need among philosophers, scholars of religion, specialists of Asian Studies, and other scholars for communication about the great variety of Indian philosophies and religions.

Catawba College offers a Religion and Philosophy degree with concentrations in Theology & Philosophy and Christian Ministries. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in this field related to a religious studies and philosophy major.

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENTIFIC THEORY IN THE ORIGIN OF SPANISH GEOMORPHOLOGY, 17th-18th CENTURIES. Horacio Capel. Reproducido de: Organon, Polish Academy of Sciencie, Warsaw, Número especial.

Are you passionate about studying philosophical concepts and ethics with a Christian lens? Apply to SBU and become a philosophy and religious studies major!

Philosophy of religion, then, is not an organ of religious teaching. Indeed, it need not be undertaken from a religious standpoint at all. The atheist, the agnostic, and the person of faith all can and do philosophize about religion. Philosophy of.

While Philosophy and Religion Majors have the opportunity to think deeply, critically, and creatively about the most interesting and important issues in human life, our Major is a practical one as well. Upon graduation UNCP Philosophy and.

Description. The philosophical approach to religion and discussion of such topics as the existence of God, the problem of evil, immortality and life after death, whether religious beliefs can be justified, and the significance of other religions.

PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION. A well-established discipline in early-twenty-first- century Western philosophy, the subject known as "the philosophy of religion" has not always been easily demarcated with respect to its nature and scope.

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3 Dec 2012. Metaphysics chiefly addresses questions about what is ultimately real and important. Philosophy of religion explores and evaluates religious views of reality and seeks to understand religious practice.

Studying philosophy and religion helps students develop and master important transferable skills, such as critical reading and thinking, problem solving, creativity, written and oral communication and collaboration.

This fascinating course enables you to combine the study of world religions with philosophy, ethics, history, literature, languages, sociology and classics. It explores contemporary and historic thought, culture and texts.

Information for prospective undergraduate degree students on our Philosophy, Religion and Ethics BA course programme at the University of Birmingham, UK.

The Philosophy and Religion minor is an interdisciplinary program appropriate for students who wish to study the philosophical and religious components of human experience, considered as fundamental elements of civilizations. It provides a.

Conduct in-depth considerations of religious thinking, practice and other phenomena.

In addition to religious studies, there is a need for the philosophy of religion and theology. to discuss the pros and cons of very different religious, philosophical and theological positions of varying religious traditions in a globalized world.

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Philosophy and Religious Studies. About the Department. "You go into the humanities to pursue your intellectual passion, and it just so happens as a byproduct that you emerge as a desired commodity for industry." — Entrepreneur and Ph.D.

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