Mad Professor Amber Overdrive Handwired

Mad Professor unveils its next overdrive pedal for guitar, the Amber Overdrive that will be presented at the NAMM Show 2013 next week. The Amber Overdrive guitar pedal is hand wired and offers three controls for volume, drive and tone, as well as a bypass footswitch.

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Mad Professor Amber Overdrive Hand Wired Guitar Effects Pedal. Made in Finland. Mad Professor Hand-Wired Forest Green Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal. Price: Login. Mad Professor Sky Blue Overdrive Hand Wired Guitar Effects Pedal. Made in Finland. Mad Professor Hand-Wired Sweet Honey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal. Price: Login.

Amber Overdrive is a new pedal into Mad Professor Hand Wired Custom series One of the most sought after guitar tones is a combination of a great overdrive or fuzz pedal into overdriven tube amplifier. Amber Overdrive.

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Mad Professor has been designing and releasing pedals from its home in Finland since 2002. Producing both hand-wired and factory-made pedals, Mad Professor has crafted numerous pedal hits, like its Sweet Honey Overdrive, Deep Blue Delay, and its super-unique Golden Cello.

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Aug 25, 2010  · SHOD – Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Discussion in ‘Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things’ started by jboyjams, Aug 25, 2010. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Aug 25, 2010. The benefit to the "handwired" one is a more heavy duty enclosure and design. The jacks are not board mounted (correct me if I’m wrong) and overall just a more robust design as.

Hand wired guitar pedals are for the ultimate guitarist who are looking for the precision hand wired point to point circuitry.Hand wired pedals when wired correctly can offer higher output with a much clearer signal, which is often the aim in any guitarist selecting a Hand Wired Pedal.Mad Professor offer some of the best Hand wired pedals on the market that give the user the tone and output.

Mad Professor seems to have achieved what they were aiming for as the PCB equipped Sweet Honey Overdrive is certainly an outstanding pedal. The sheer amount of dynamics afforded by the pedal lives up to Mad Professor’s claims that you have to "own it before you die" – or at the very least hear it.

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-Very fat distortion with a hint of fuzz -Super thick lead tones -Bonamassa/Eric Johnson/Leslie West tone -Very easy to play and sound like a rockstar. -Power supply: one.

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Mad Professor Amber Overdrive HW. $312.95. Mad Professor Amber Overdrive HW Amber Overdrive is a new pedal into Mad Professor Hand Wired Custom series One of the most sought after guitar tones is a combination of. View full product details »

Guitar Effects Canada – Mad Professor Amber Overdrive Factory Version One of the most sought after guitar tones is a combination of a great overdrive.

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Mar 26, 2015  · overdrive/fuzz quest part 2 Discussion in ‘Effects [BG]. the mad professor Amber overdrive. it’s another modified big muff and it did have quite a bit of low end loss until I modded it. the big differences between a standard big muff are that it uses dual JFets for the first clipping stage and tow 1N4007 diodes for the second one. the tone.

This pedal features a switchable “Filter” control allowing to create the smoothest and the creamiest overdrive tone, one can ever find. Boutique, all hand-wired pedals from Aleks K Production are.

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Mad Professor Amber Overdrive HW. $312.95. Mad Professor Amber Overdrive HW Amber Overdrive is a new pedal into Mad Professor Hand Wired Custom series One of the most sought after guitar tones is a combination of.

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Enter Mad Professor Amplification. This Finland-based company began in 2002 as a subsidiary of BJFE Guitar Effects, and has since carved out a name in musicians’ circles as manufacturers of fine hand-wired pedals, factory pedals and amplifiers.

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