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Students must be eligible for ESRC studentship funding: you must have settled status in the UK and been ordinarily resident. You will be joining a vibrant and dynamic group of PhD students focusing.

Speaking at our Global Index of Economic Openness conference, Gisela Stuart, the Chair of the Effective Government Programme here at the Legatum Institute delivered remarks on governance in the UK.

Voters face a seemingly simple choice in this referendum: for the UK to remain in or leave the EU. But the choice between continued membership or Brexit touches upon a number of complex political,

The Political Economy of Aid in Palestine. nor of the London School of Economics. Alaa Tartir is a PhD candidate and researcher in international development studies at the Department of.

Andrea Lorenzo Capussela’s The Political Economy of Italy’s Decline is an erudite and compelling. Leusder is a political economist based in London. He is a graduate of the European Institute at the.

In The Political Economy of Agricultural Booms. Josselin Canévet is a recent graduate from SOAS University, and a member of the Royal Asiatic Society. His undergraduate thesis was on communal.

There is dramatic news in the 2010 edition of The Heritage Foundation’s annual Index of Economic Freedom: For the first time, the United States has dropped from “free” to only “mostly free” and the.

The Department is organised around four Research Clusters: Statecraft and Security; International Political Economy; Institutions. £11.5 million in scholarships each year to graduate students from.

This research track can be taken as a stand-alone qualification or as the first year of a research degree, followed by 3–4 years of MPhil/PhD, which would. the Path to the Modern Economy: Lessons.

analyse and contribute to the political and economic institutions of the 21st century, both in the UK and globally. Depending on the modules you choose, you can graduate with either a BA or a BSc.

On 8 June, voters will go to the polls for perhaps the most important UK general. Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Winchester, Carlos Oya, Reader in Development Studies, SOAS University.

We are also very proud to be ranked #1 in the UK for research in business and management (REF. Theory and Policy for Research Students Comparative Political Economy: New Approaches and Issues in.

Daim Zainuddin, 80, is a long-time confidante of Mahathir, and whom the prime minister has trusted to help steer the economy in times of crises. A UK-trained lawyer. general for economic.

Donald Trump’s decision to unilaterally pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal doesn’t just have important political. economic impact. Just how big this is depends on the response of the European.

These seminars are open to all faculty, fellows, and PhD students working on issues of African. for the discussion of ongoing research in African politics and political economy by UK and EU.

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During the course of my PhD, I will be working with Dr Paul Lewis at the Department of Political Economy at King’s on a project entitled ‘Skills For The Future? An Analysis of the UK Vocational.

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Lucknow’s Supriya Singh was pleasantly surprised when she came to know that her research work has been published by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom. land transactions in a.

I have an interdisciplinary background: I did my graduate work in environmental economics at Harvard (Ph.D. 2008; MA 2005: Political. and the economy (02/09/2011) At an EU meeting in Brussels,

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