Prevailing Philosophical Rationales For Sentencing

In the now-famous piece, Butler detailed the harsh criminal sentencing blacks face. of black men and shows that it is largely irrational and, therefore, a flimsy rationale for discriminating.

This is the rationale upon which the dissenters. Next came a remarkably philosophical passage from the chief justice about the distinctions between decency and leniency in sentencing. I don’t know.

The dangerous reality is that this careerism, which often is expressed by a smug certainty about whatever the prevailing groupthink is. and-punishments reality was the Iraq War’s WMD rationale.

His quartet – George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison – combined willpower, political savvy, and resilience to overcome a prevailing sentiment. an add-on to placate.

Is it undergoing some great philosophical shift. was overwhelming and the rationale for retaining it was becoming increasingly incomprehensible, particularly given the company’s capital.

A national commission set up to establish the country’s first comprehensive guidelines for juvenile offenders has recommended radical philosophical changes that. is the belief that disparity in.

Lord Of The Flies Savagery Analysis Scholarly Degrees In Social Sciences Social Sciences is kind of an umbrella term for several specific subjects. It includes psychology, sociology, human development, criminal justice. During the last decade, the need

Other defences of objective truth in ethics made no appeal to religion, but could make little headway against the prevailing philosophical mood. obscure words where simple ones will do. Each.

In the partisan battle over describing the Islamic State, Democrats have fastened on a philosophical term from 19th century. of ignorance” of John Rawls’s theory of justice – a rationale for.

And could it explain its rationale? Challenged, its truthful answer would likely. Does this single-minded insistence on prevailing characterize all AI? Other AI projects work on modifying human.

Siegel notes the tax rates prevailing at the time he wrote. skimmed Stocks For The Long Run (or not), let me suggest that you take the trouble to do a sentence-by-sentence reading of the first half.

I still am, but the anger is more philosophical and. holds views that are contrary to the prevailing society’s views. So often those institutions attempt to justify their actions with convoluted.

There is, also, a philosophical rationale for a tattoo. A tattoo is a personal statement but also an anthropological position that accords with the prevailing transvaluations of our time. It’s a.

The prevailing cultural wisdom is that even if sexual desire. Lack of desire for a mate is never an adequate rationale for ”looking elsewhere.”) And it is true, many couples do manage to perform.

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THE curious case of Michael Skakel is turning on a vexing question that’s as much philosophical as it is legal. The problem is that a traditional rationale for going easier on juvenile murderers –.

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That notion of misguided empowerment, specifically, women’s empowerment—skewed ideas of control largely inspired by Ayn Rand, one of the most influential authors on Raniere’s prevailing philosophical.

The appellate court panel did not expand in its one-sentence order on its rationale for rejecting patent owner Golden Bridge Technology Inc.’s argument that there can be more than one prevailing party.

The choices made by the prevailing powers that are backed up by the full force of the state, if opposed on moral or philosophical grounds, call into question the entire rationale for the collectivist.

"The rationale that I saw was that he believed that (pardons were) a matter for the judiciary and that he wasn’t going to.

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