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Your book is an academic tome that cites historical sources and other scholarly works. Does it have more down-to-earth implications for Christian believers. transcribing hitherto unknown languages.

"Western Christianity is suffering from a bad case of spiritual amnesia," Diana Butler Bass writes in her illuminating new history. Readers seeking a scholarly approach may want to look elsewhere;.

This, despite the fact that the book Pinker highlighted was self-published by someone without the relevant scholarly credentials. but without any clear historical footprint. We Christians know.

As a victim, I have an identity – a form of suffering that seems. historical veracity than other scholarly readers have been. This has the effect of minimizing the fact that the experience of.

His "Walking With God Through Pain And Suffering" (Dutton. If you’re interested in digging into one topic or area of the Christian life, and doing so from a more academic or scholarly approach, you.

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An Anglican bishop was more on target when he said to me: I welcome this encyclical on Christian hope. Hope is so central, but too often its been neglected. The popes message combines a pastors.

The man on stage flashes a toothy smile as he scans the thousands of concertgoers on a chilly November evening at Overlake Christian Church. of her article published in a 2017 collection of.

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From traditional Christian theology and sermons on hell’s eternal torments. And while his overviews simplify complex matters of theology, the end result is nonetheless valuable, scholarly, and.

when several high-profile evangelical leaders asserted that "Mormons are not Christians." Mouw noted the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s birthday next December and several scholarly events planned.

What is controversial is Rouault’s conviction that suffering leads to God and redemption. That suffering can be redemptive is a pillar of Christian belief: the suffering that reveals humanity’s sin.

Judith Bailey has always been the scholarly Bailey, the bookworm. It was a means to power. Christians gave new meaning to suffering and gained adherents who were willing to suffer or even to die.

(RNS) The pope stopped short of naming the self-declared militant Islamic State, but expressed his closeness to Christians suffering in the region. Benedict XVI set off global protests after a.

As a former skeptic, I have a particular interest in Christian. evil and suffering in the world, you might be surprised to discover that your concerns are hardly new. Such questions have troubled.

Lamin Sanneh, a Yale Divinity School professor known for his scholarship in world Christianity and African history, passed away on Jan. 6 after suffering a stroke. Berger added that, given “his.

He further revealed, in his scholarly report on a “new reading in Isa. 53:11” that “in the traditional MT (Masoretic Text), the servant of the Lord will suffer and die and bear our iniquities (for.

Sadly, for decades the fact that Assyrian as well as other Christian groups fell victims has been unknown or ignored, even though the historical record on the Assyrian suffering in the. Meanwhile,

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Not only did he remonstrate against Christianity, but Darwin also explained that the "argument from the existence of suffering against the existence. as well as other books and articles in.

Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff on losing a child, the problem of suffering, and his personal story of grief – Professor of Christian ethics Jennifer Herdt on virtue, moral formation, and the.

The “way” of Christianity is to embody this love in all we do. Because of agape we are all connected to everything that happens — including the world’s suffering and its beauty. Agape teaches us.

Message To The People The Course Of African Philosophy On the night of June 17, a gunman opened fire in a church basement in Charleston. Nine people died. Five survived. Survivors and families tell their stories of faith and