When Are Lecturers Striking

Mar 28, 2018. Members of the Lecturers' Employee Organization have authorized union leadership to initiate a walkout on April 9 and 10, LEO Ann Arbor.

UCU Industrial Action. The Lecturers Strike. What is it? The term “industrial action ” covers any collective action taken by a trade union during a dispute with.

Scottish college lecturers are striking over pay today but the education secretary John Swinney has told MSPs their demands are ‘unreasonable’. The pay harmonisation process in the college sector in.

UCU has written to the 61 universities* to inform them of an escalating wave of strikes over a four-week period that will begin with a five-day walkout either side of a weekend. There will then be four days of strikes from Monday 5 – Thursday 8 March and a full five-day walkout the following week (12 – 16 March). The strike dates are:

The zone of Academic Staff Union of Universities in Port Harcourt, has threatened to down tools at the universities, if the issues of unpaid salaries are not addressed urgently. The information was.

Apr 30, 2018  · Crackdown on striking lecturers begins as scores suspended Monday April 30 2018 Public universities union members call for the implementation of their salaries agreement, during a demonstration in.

Lecturers on Strike. They will stay on strike on Friday. They will continue to do so for three days next week, four days the week afterwards, and five days the week after that. In total, unless the dispute is settled in the meantime, 14 working days will be lost to industrial action in an industry that seldom sees action of any kind.

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The UCU has called for 14 days of strike action across 4 weeks, starting 22 & 23 Feb. During this time, UCU members won’t be: teaching, holding office hours, marking, answering emails. The work missed in this period, including teaching, will not be rescheduled—it will just be gone.

She is a Computer Lecturer by profession at the University of Delhi. Greta Thunberg is a climate activist, who started the.

Hope as striking lecturers meet state officials today. The lecturers went on strike on January 19, demanding harmonised salaries and allowances. Their union’s Secretary General Constantine Wasonga said there was a dire need to restructure payments within the institutions to address huge disparities.

Mar 12, 2018. Universities up and down the country have been shutting down as lecturers have walked out, arguing that the changes to their pension.

Jan 20, 2017  · Kenya university lecturers strike for more pay, joining doctors. NAIROBI (Reuters) – Lecturers at Kenya’s public universities started an indefinite strike on Thursday over poor pay, joining doctors who have been striking for more than five weeks and deepening a crisis in public services as the country heads towards elections. Two unions,

The union, which represents over 110,000 academics, lecturers, staff and postgraduates in British universities and colleges, says it is striking in protest against employers wanting to end guaranteed pension benefits. It states that employers want pensions to depend on the performance of investments rather than employees contributions.

Lecturers at 61 top universities are to go on strike next week in a row over changes to staff pensions. Over a period of four weeks they will walkout for up to 14 days.

Feb 21, 2018. Academics are striking over changes to their pensions that they say. the dearth of lecturers is predicted to affect more than 1 million students.

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The largest ever strike in UK higher education began last week, when lecturers walked out at 57 universities. The strike continues today, when staff at a further four universities joined the picket.

The next term, 147 UK universities may close down due to lecturer strikes. University and College Union (UCU) reps disclosed the probable reasons.

The ongoing pensions strike in the UK has brought renewed attention to an. someone’s job title is not at all indicative of workplace application. There are lecturers who do 70-hour weeks, often.

Students of Ambrose Ali University on Tuesday attacked members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities holding a meeting on the campus. The students, who were protesting against strikes in the.

Why are lecturers striking? Firstly, it’s only lecturers who belong to the University and College Union (UCU). They are angry at suggested changes to their pensions as the changes could lose them.

University lecturers could strike over a row about their pensions (Picture: DPA/PA) Lecturers and other academic staff at some of the UK’s top universities are set to go on a ‘sustained’ strike in a.

University bosses are under mounting pressure from the government to return to talks to try to end sweeping strike action by staff that brought widespread disruption to campuses across the UK. As tens.

Just like Monday morning blues strike students, even a teacher. Dr N Paul Sunder Singh, Guest lecturer and Scout Master I.

Feb 2 When and why lecturers and tutors are striking, and why you should support it. If you’re a student, either at Edinburgh or elsewhere, it’s likely that at least some of your tutors and lecturers will be going on strike this February and March.

Prospective students arriving at Warwick University for an open day today will be greeted by striking staff. Members of the University and College Union are striking as part of a national row about.

Kenya is facing fresh threats of a lecturers’ strike over delayed implementation of new salaries and allowances, which could jeopardise learning in public universities from 9 November. Lecturers are also up in arms over government’s decision to double the student intake in.

There have been pickets on campuses as university staff begin a strike in more than 50 universities, in a dispute over pensions. Lecturers have walked out at universities including Oxford and.

Mar 30, 2018  · After UUK’s proposed changes, employer contributions to lecturers’ pensions will stand at 18%. The UK private sector average is less than half that figure. Clearly, the pensions that striking lecturers are fighting for are worth more than most retiring people could ever dream of.

READ MORE: Occupied: Glasgow students show solidarity with striking lecturers In their latest statement on 28 March after UCU announced it would consult with affected members, a spokesperson for UUK said the expert panel would allow time for trust to be rebuilt between staff and the employers representative.

Mar 29, 2018. A looming strike of lecturers at the University of Michigan's three campuses could affect a majority of classes if an issue regarding pay raises.

Dozens of universities were disrupted last year when lecturers and non-academic staff walked out over the planned alterations to their retirement fund, the Universities Superannuation Scheme. With a.

Feb 23, 2018. In response, a national ballot of members took place with 88% of lecturers voting to take strike action. This has started the biggest strike on.

Feb 23, 2018. We met with striking lecturers, students who wished to support the strike, and other political activists at the Foundation Building on Brownlow.

The leaders of the public university lecturers have agreed to call off the strike and resume work. The move followed a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday, according to Prof. Edward.

The students were said to have disrupted the meeting after news filtered to them that ASUU was holding a congress to call for a strike at a time the non-academic. council that our lives are in.

Student support for university lecturers staging walkouts over pay appears to be split, according to those who spoke to BuzzFeed News. Lecturers at 64 universities in England are on strike over.

Why are lecturers striking? Academics who are members of the University and College Union are angry at proposed changes to their pensions, which they say could leave them up to £10,000 a year.

The lecturers’ strike is in its sixth week with no end in sight after deliberate efforts by the Parliament’s Education Committee failed to break the deadlock. A directive that was issued by the Employment and Labour Court on March 17, 2018, for the striking varsity teachers to go back to class was also ignored.

ACTIVITIES along the busy Benin -Lagos highway were grounded by Pharmacy students of the University of Benin yesterday over fears that their graduating students may not be able to undergo induction.

University lecturers begin strike in pension dispute. Lecturers have walked out at universities including Oxford and Cambridge at the beginning of a month-long strike campaign. Petitions signed by 80,000 students, many backing the lecturers, are demanding refunds for lost teaching.

Two universities have warned lecturers that if they go on strike they will be partly responsible for student failures and could face legal action. In emails seen by the Daily Telegraph, staff at.

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Mar 12, 2018  · I am a lecturer, currently on strike. I am also a part-time MA student, whose lecturers are on strike. And I am the mother of a student whose lecturers are on strike. There have been attempts by.

University of Bristol staff, along with lecturers and university professionals across the country, Our lecturers have already taken fourteen days of strike action.

Mar 09, 2018  · University lecturer explains why academics are striking over pension cuts March 9, 2018 8.08am EST. Ania. This is disputed by the striking staff and a closer look shows why this has merit.

inflicting injuries on the lecturers who were reportedly rushed to a private clinic in Ekpoma town. The students were said to have disrupted the meeting after news filtered to them that ASUU was.

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‘The proposed changes by Universities UK could set a dangerous precedent.’ Photograph: Alamy If you’re a student at one of the country’s older universities, then you’ve probably heard about the.

The striking workers were seen on Monday carrying. Mr. Ogunyinka Abimbola said the lecturers embarked on the protest because the ARCN’s removal of the former acting provost (Moyinjesu.